Monday, February 08, 2010


As a art major, I have had to take a lot of drawing classes and while I have pretty much abandoned drawing for fun, I do keep a sketchbook with me (actually quite a few scattered around the house!) so I can jot down ideas for my jewelry as they pop into my head. I try to plan out some designs and work on a cohesive collection before I put things into fabrication, but sometimes I just go with the flow of how something is working organically. It makes me wonder what the rest of the metalsmiths and jewelry artists out there do?

Are you a sketcher and planner? Or a fly by the seat of your pants kinda person?


  1. Yup, Courtney -that's a very precise description of how I work too.
    I can see that you work with transparant sheets. Is that in order to rethink details of a sketch that is almost there?

  2. I start sketching in a regular notebook and then often trace my best ideas onto transparent sheets to get a better drawing and rework things. Also, since I saw a lot, I like to transfer my design to clear tape and this sheet allows for that without ripping the paper!

  3. I am trying to be more of a sketcher. This "fly by the seat of my pants" thing isn't working so hot for me anymore...Thanks for reminding me of vellum, it's the greatest sketching paper and I had forgotten about it!