Sunday, February 07, 2010


My name is Courtney and I am a graphic designer, stationer, and metalsmith! I love to create and work with various mediums- paper, ink, silver, paint, whatever! I hope that through my blog I can explore design, trends, fashion and technique with you all! I have some great plans to show tutorials on different metalsmithing techniques, feature designers, and highlight trends in the fashion industry....

Feel free to email me with suggestions on topics or if you want to be a featured designer or have a great tutorial on any jewelry technique!

(above is a shot of my studio- you are lucky... it almost never looks this organized!)

Thanks for stopping by, I look forward 'seeing' you again and reading your comments and suggestions!


  1. Oh Courtney - this DOES look very neat and practical. Wish mine was as orderly, but then again, I guess I have more tools to try to fit in ;-S

  2. I envy your studio so much! How neat and tidy and full of LOVELY metalsmithing stuff :)

  3. wow you are so organized!! My studio is a constant chaos :o)

  4. I dont believe my bench has EVER been that clean! :D

  5. I would kill for a bench that clean! Mine is shameful and completely covered at the moment!